• I purchased my home in late 2020 with Letizia Zago who I think is an excellent professional, empathetic and very professional. She found me the perfect home that I never imagined I would find! I was very happy to have met her and purchased through her. Highly recommended!

    Tanini Vania
  • I already knew LETIZIA ZAGO, but not in the professional aspect, I gave him two units for sale, the first, with great surprise placed in 15 days, but the positive aspect that I followed from the preliminary until the act of sale by the notary (which few do) the second because of pandemic, sold a few months later, even here, I think I was followed in the best way .....quindi, very satisfied

    Daniele Crescini
  • I met Letizia Zago towards the end of August 2019 and immediately noticed her great professionalism and drive. Towards the middle of September she took over the sale of my house in Salò. I was coming back from 2 negative experiences with other agencies, but I immediately saw that Letizia had another step. At the beginning of June 2020 we reached the sale of the house, and in a short time also the deed without any bureaucratic hitch. Everything had been prepared meticulously. I was very satisfied with his work and I'm sure he will be of great help to future clients.

    Mauro Carzeri
  • Professionalism, kindness, seriousness, competence... All adjectives that demonstrate the qualities of a real estate agency, efficient and functional. Bravo.

    Piero Gussago
  • We turned to this agency to realize our dream of having an apartment on the lake. We were accompanied in the choice by Paolo Piacentini, who helped us with a lot of patience and availability! Thank you very much

    Federico Vignetti
  • We have turned to REMAX Edilfin on the occasion of two real estate sales. In both occasions the experience has been very positive. I can only emphasize how the experience of Sara (in the first transaction) and Alessandro (in the second) made the difference and were crucial to the success of the transactions. Both of them have been active in providing us with all the necessary and useful information for our choice. Maximum availability of hours. Always available and attentive to every need we expressed. Experience, professionalism and competence make the difference in a delicate and sensitive service such as real estate. For this reason I highly recommend to rely on serious and competent professionals like them!

    Demetrio Gagliano
  • We have bought a beautiful house in Manerba in 2019 and were excellently looked after by Michele Simoni. About the actual house purchase he has also organized at. A perfect service all around

    Stefan Ringleb
  • I have to say that in the past I had an unsatisfactory experience with a real estate agency in Brescia, so I was a bit skeptical about using an agency again. However, since I had no other option to carry out my search, on the advice of an acquaintance of mine, I contacted the Re/Max real estate agency, managed by Alessandro Travagliati. I contacted the agency to find a house for rent for my parents, who had a strong desire to come and live for a certain period of time near me and thus enjoy the wonderful life of Lake Garda. I must say that, being people accustomed to live in the city, in a house with certain characteristics, they were a clientele that needed special attention in order to satisfy their need. After an initial contact with Alessandro, we were followed directly by Sara Ferlinghetti. Right from the start she showed herself to be welcoming and attentive to our requests, taking careful note of all our needs. I must admit that the search for the type of property that my parents were looking for was not easy and, above all, there were very tight deadlines in order to fulfill their request. For this reason, I had to contact Sara several times, even during non-working hours and I must say that she was always kind, helpful and, above all, professional. The agency immediately submitted to us the real estate proposals that it had available but, unfortunately, among these there was not the property that met all the needs of my parents. For this reason, the agency's staff had to do a fairly thorough search. Of course this is part of their job, but it is not everyone who is so passionate about a client's request. What I sensed was that they were empathetically interested in our needs; they understood our requirements and did their best to make a family happy by fulfilling our wish, a family that, for reasons of life choices, cannot be constantly close by. Sara's tenacity, perseverance and attention allowed us to finally find a property that was right for us and, finally, my parents were able to fulfill their desire to spend some time close to me and to enjoy the beauty of the lake, as they had dreamed of for so long. The information provided by the agency was comprehensive and timely. The stipulation of the rental contract was fast and precise, we had no problems and we were assisted at all stages. In addition, we always had a clear answer to our doubts and an excellent mediation work was done both with us and with the owner of the property. In short, a very reliable agency! I can only praise the efficiency and professionalism shown by all the staff of the agency with whom we dealt! A special thank you to Sara Ferlinghetti who spent a lot of time and effort for us, always showing professionalism and always questioning herself, wondering and asking us if she understood what we were looking for. This attitude, in my opinion, is significant of her humility and professionalism. Thank you all for the passion you put into your work! Keep up the good work! For what has been my experience, I have really received a 5-star service, in all aspects (professionalism, collaboration, reliability, efficiency, perseverance, humility ...)!

    Chiara Agolini
  • I am fresh off the heels of my first real estate purchase, handled impeccably by Dr. Daniele Medaina of Edilfin.

    His precision, his preparation (human and technical, even in the most insidious bureaucratic aspects) and his constant availability gave me the priceless and pacifying feeling of being "seen" and understood, a feeling that made smooth (and even pleasant) an inherently complex and potentially fearsome experience for someone like me who was facing such a situation for the first time.

    I also always sensed a "proper distance" between me and the selling party, who was also extremely satisfied, a distance facilitated by Dr. Medaina's excellent mediation skills (technical and empathic).

    I close with what might sound like a joke but is not: I regret that I cannot have more capital and cannot repeat the experience. But those who can, do not miss the opportunity.

    Congratulations and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Enrico Sibilla
  • Our experience with RE/MAX Edilfin was absolutely positive. Paolo Piacentini followed us excellently in the sale of our property. He was extremely businesslike and helpful in matching his schedule with our limited time availability. Should we need him again in the future, we could make no better choice than to rely on you again. Thank you Paul, and thank you to your colleagues as well.

    Ornella Fieni
  • We relied on Re/max for the sale of our property, excellent escelta, thanks to Luca Bussi made everything easier for us,very professional and helpful.

    Haciko lumi
  • I gave a mandate to Luca Bussi for the sale of my apartment he and the staff Edilfin after a careful and rigorous study have identified the correct sales figure of the rest very close to what I thought I would achieve in a very short time have found

    The buyer. Not without first solving all the bureaucratic hiccups

    Thank you

    Giuseppe Maddiona
  • Daniele and Stefania professional, helpful and fast. Remax absolutely perfect

    Sergio Costa
  • I was followed by Daniele Medaina, who sold my apartment in record time, expertly following all the bureaucratic aspects and brilliantly resolving the various issues.

    Eliana Salvaterra
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