How Edilfin works

EDILFIN is an associated firm of professionals in which everyone works in synergy in a serene and collaborative environment, guided by common guidelines.

Working as an associate firm, no agent from us works for EDILFIN or for the Broker, but works with the Broker and with EDILFIN. The relationship is different, everyone works as if the studio were their own, they are their own entrepreneurs but without the classic risks of entrepreneurship.

Those who come to work with us tomorrow will find themselves working in an already consolidated and structured context that will allow them to work immediately on a large existing property park, having at their disposal a number of concrete services that facilitate and enhance their work and promote its image alongside that of the brand.

The functioning of the EDILFIN franchise allows in fact to create economies of scale and provides agents with cutting-edge technological and marketing tools as well as a portfolio of properties already available, even at an international level, which help new franchisees right from the start phase. up to creating a successful business.

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