• Savings on the purchase price
    The properties are sold by the Court and are devalued compared to the free market.
  • Facilitated taxation
    In 2016, concessions were introduced for individuals who buy at auction.
  • No notary fees
    The property is transferred to the successful bidder by means of the transfer decree issued by the Judge.
  • Transparency in the procedure
    The modalities of participation in the auction are clearly dictated by the competent Court.

Our method: preliminary steps

  • Property search
    We are looking for the property in auction that can & ograve; meet your needs.
  • Visit of the house
    We agree with the caretaker to let you see the house.
  • Technical-legal analysis
    We analyze the report from a legal and technical point of view.
  • Estimation of costs
    We calculate the costs to be incurred in terms of taxation, land registry and urban planning and for any condominium expenses in arrears.
  • Mortgage advice
    Availability to consult one of our mortgage brokers to identify the best conditions on the market.

Our method: intermediate stage

  • Real estate valuation
    We establish the commercial value of the house and deliver a report to the client.
  • Assistance for auction registration
    We assist you in every phase of registration in the auction, both online and in presence at the Court.

Our method: final stages

  • Participation in the auction
    We participate in the auction together with you, supporting you during this phase of the process.
  • Post-auction
    In case you win the auction we will remain at your disposal until the transfer decree and the consequent delivery of the keys.
  • Documentation
    We also carry out: transfers, quotes for renovations, yield plans for rentals, evaluation for resale.

Our service: two options available

  • Participation in a single auction.
    The customer participates in only one specific auction, is assisted by us throughout the process and the final compensation will be; due only in the event of a successful auction and & egrave; calculated on the hammer price.
  • Search auctions for one year.
    In this period of 12 months we will continue to send you real estate proposals in auction, organizing visits with the caretaker and we will analyze all the properties of your interest, as long as & eacute; you will not win an auction.
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