Establishing the correct market value is essential for selling well. A too high starting price scares potential buyers who will switch to something else, too low a price could make you lose money. How then to establish the right price? Are the estimates made "on sight" by real estate agents enough? Or better a report of a few pages by a surveyor?

Both of these things can be useful, but there is a scientific and recognized method to give you an objectively more correct value, so our consultants will give you a written and detailed evaluation that reports the procedure with which the analysis of your property was carried out.

The goal of a well-done comparative market analysis is to identify the most likely market value of the property in question. Our agents will use the MCA Market Comparison Approach, the most recognized method, which is based on an elementary principle, which consists in the consideration that the market will set the price for a property in the same way it has already determined the price. of similar properties. In other words, it is assumed that the buyer is not willing to pay a higher price for a property, replaceable with similar ones, than that already determined by the market for a property with the same characteristics.

The calculation procedure is based on the direct comparison of the average market value of properties of the same type, size and location. The price thus identified is customized through the use of weighting coefficients that take into account the specific characteristics of the property and the subjective considerations of the valuer. The weighting coefficients are the result of the knowledge in the field of companies and professionals who actually operate in the real estate sector and are based on objective criteria, which are expressly modeled on the specific dynamics of the Italian real estate market.

The analysis that will be proposed to you will contain assessments made on many values ​​taken from different sources available in the area: Company data banks, Revenue Agency, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Istat, real estate portals, OMI official database and from a network of expert local contacts.

The commercial area is one of the elements necessary to calculate the market value of the properties. For Salable Commercial Area (SCV) we mean the total area based on the sum of the weighted surfaces that make up the real estate asset. The real estate units are composed of a main surface and accessory surfaces. The salable commercial area (SCV) is obtained by homogenizing, with appropriate information coefficients, the ancillary surfaces to the main one. The aforementioned commercial area is calculated, mainly according to the information coefficients indicated in the Property Valuation Codes (published by Tecnoborsa and the Revenue Agency).

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